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Alpha Course

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Alpha Course

Posted by: Webmaster on Friday September 23, 2011   (3089 Reads)
Alpha Course at St. Peter's Church, Chantilly
Alpha Course at St. Peter's Church, Chantilly
Alpha Course

Who is the Alpha Course for?

Open to churchgoers and non-churchgoers, guests do Alpha for a wide variety of reasons - some want to investigate whether God exists; others are concerned about what happens after death. Some people have particular questions that they would like to discuss; others want to understand other peoples' beliefs or would like to explore what the purpose of life is. Many guests have never been to church, others may have attended church occasionally but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith.

St. Peter's organises an Alpha Course for the Autumn starting in September and finishing early December. Please see Activities/Calendar or contact us for more information on the dates.

For more information on the Alpha Course, please click read more...

What is it about?

Alpha is for:

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.

Learning and laughter! It is possible to learn about the Christian faith and have fun at the same time!

Pasta (not always!) and pudding! Having supper together each session helps people to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Helping one another. Small groups give each person a chance to participate and help one another along the way.

Ask anything! ALPHA is a place where no question is regarded as too simple or too hostile.

What will be the format?

ALPHA will begin at 7:30 p.m., finish at 10:00 p.m., and include:
A light supper
Food for thought
Discussion in small groups.

ALPHA also includes an integral ‘away-day’ together on a Saturday.

What sort of commitment is required?

This is a relaxed, no pressure course. You can stop at any stage of the course if you find that it is not meeting your needs or expectations, and no-one will bother you afterwards. Although one or two evenings can be missed, we hope that you will enjoy it so much that you will remain committed right to the end! Apart from Wednesday evenings there is a very important away-day which is integral to the course.

How does the Alpha Course work?

The course at St. Peter’s is held in the Church Centre. The whole Alpha course usually lasts for 10 weeks, with a day or weekend away in the middle. Each session begins with a meal or refreshments - a chance to get to know others in the small group. There is then a short talk, which looks at a different aspect of the Christian faith each week. This is followed by a time of discussion in the small groups, where everyone is welcome to contribute their opinion, ask questions and discuss with the rest of the group.

The emphasis is upon exploration and discovery in a relaxed and informal environment.

How much will it cost?

Mid-week evenings are absolutely free! The away-day will probably require a contribution to cover expenses and travel. We have found that people have wanted to donate a contribution as the weeks progress, mainly because they are enjoying the food so much!

What do I do now if I am interested?

Simply contact the Chaplain, Revd Nick Clarke, on 03 44 58 53 22. You are welcome to just turn up, but knowing in advance helps us plan for catering.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any further questions about the course please do not hesitate to the Chaplain, Revd Nick Clarke, on 03 44 58 53 22.
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