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Sun Apr 01, 2018

St. Peter's Charitable Giving Association

St. Peter's Charitable Giving Association
The mission and charity giving association of St. Peter's Church
  • Love in a box success
    Our Love in a box donations were greatly boosted by 64 boxes from The Open World School, a donation that was very gratefully received.
  • Love in a Box
    The St Peter's CGA (Charitable Giving Association) will be supporting ‘LOVE IN A BOX’ again this year.
    see link: https://www.facebook.com/liab.france/
  • St. Peter's Sponsored child – Ryle Francis Alura
    will be 7 yrs old on March 6th and we would like to invite you to send a birthday card.
  • A huge thank you
    For the support given to the concert last Saturday.
  • Asylum Seekers in Calais
    CGA - Responding to the crisis of the Asylum Seekers in Calais
    Monday 22nd December 2014
    Nick Clarke, Tris Congreve, Cheryl Jones, Kenzie Jones and Henny Davies met at St. Peter's Church Centre, Chantilly to collect up donations of blankets, sleeping bags, coats, men shoes, tents etc which had been amassing over the last two weeks. We filled two cars to the ceilings and left soon after 8am.
    We arrived at the village of Wierre-Effroy and met wi ...     plus ...