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Sunday - 18th February: 9h00 Holy Communion, 10h30 Morning Worship

Posted by: MORELLE on Saturday February 17, 2018
Everyone is welcome to pray before the principal service. Gather near the organ just after 10h00.

The Way meet for breakfast at 10h15 in the sous-sol.

Sunday school starts in Church at 10h30 before the children go to their groups.

Start of Lent Message from Rev Sarah Tillett

I don’t know if you have noticed but when it snows, there is a stillness and a quietness that breaks into the everyday noise of our busy lives. We have been forced by the snow to stop our rushing and think differently about our day. Of course there is the massive inconvenience of roads blocked, schools closed and all the hassle of everyday life disrupted. But our humanity kicks in and we notice the beauty and the stillness and rise to the challenges with humour and even joy.

Lent for me is a spiritually deeper version of that. Its an invitation to re-calibrate space and time and priorities. Traditionally, in the Christian church it is a time of fasting and repentance. It re-imagines Christs time spent in the desert before his temptation by the devil, when he was hungry and alone. The purpose of Christ’s withdrawal from the world was in order to grow stronger in his communion with the Father. In our Lentern practice I hope that we can emerge from it and embrace Easter with a renewed understanding of the grace and love of God.

A wonderful little booklet called ‘Love Life Live Lent’ gives daily simple opportunities to take time out for reflection. One reads: 'It is so easy to get side-tracked, pulled into watching that bit more telly or to spend that bit more time on the computer. We don’t intend to, it just happens.

'Sometimes all we need to do is to make the decision to do something different, some good that we meant to do but haven’t so...do something different.

'Outside of work, have a screen free day and do something different'

Home groups are one of the priorities we identified for this year at our recent Council away Day. We will be exploring ‘Our Life together’ a sermon series for Lent on Sundays.

In our home groups and in a central lent group we are following a Lent course based on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Through some of the themes and principal characters it explores Gods Grace, salvation and the gift of forgiveness and redemption. The central group starts on Wednesday 21st in the Church Centre at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

Some ideas for Lent:

‘The Lent Course’ – Centre for Christianity Culture and the Arts (if you like art, poetry, music) http://ccca.biola.edu/lent/

40 Acts – Stewardship Lent course https://40acts.org.uk/

Love life live Lent – Be the Change (see above, can be ordered online)

I hope that Lent for you will be an opportunity to re-center every-day life and find God’s grace and love as a deeper truth.


Charitable Giving Association Meeting Monday 19th Feb

Saint Peter's CGA is meeting at 19h30. If you would like to be involved in St Peter's external missionary and charitable support you would be very welcome to attend. Please contact Henny Davies or Régis Lesieux for further information.

Lent Course starting this Wednesday 21st February

'Another story must begin' is a Lent Course inspired by Les Misérables. There are 5 sessions on consecutive Wednesdays based on the themes of Grace, Redemption and Salvation. (See Sarah's message above.)

Film on Luther followed by a debate 15th March

This is one of a series of events to commemorate the Reformation.

Alpha Taster Supper 21st March

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed friendly way. It involves a meal too! The course lasts 10 weeks; please talk to Sarah if you are interested. Everyone welcome whether if you considering the Christian faith or have been a practising Christian for a long time.

28th March Chrism Eucharist at St Georges, Paris

Every year during Holy Week the oils that are used throughout the following year for ministry to the sick, for Christian initiation, and for ordination are solemnly blessed in an Episcopal service. This also the occasion at which the clergy and Readers of the Diocese are invited to reaffirm the promises and commitments they have made in their ministry, before the Bishop. Everyone is welcome to attend this service. If you would like to attend please let Sarah or the Church wardens know.

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