Restoration Phases 1 to 3 Completed

The Restoration Project 2009-2011 - The story so far

Posted by: nickclarke on Wednesday February 06, 2013
By March 2011 we were delighted to report the completion of the most significant phase of the restoration work of this 150-year-old church. In many ways this has been a remarkable venture into a project that challenged us with budgets far in excess of our usual income and expenditure. However, St. Peter’s community possesses a spirit to rise to all kinds of challenges. We have been delighted by the financial support of many friends; friends we never knew we had, both here in the local community and in the wider network of people in Paris and beyond. Donations have arrived from the most unexpected sources. Even more remarkable has been the way that the financial provision materialised just at the appropriate time, not least in the significant legacy we received from a dear lady who had been so faithful to St. Peter’s. For sure, we have experienced the ‘hand’ of God guiding, strengthening and encouraging us along this journey.

How did it all begin?

In June 2007, there was a concert in St. Peter’s Church to launch the restoration appeal. For several years before this, it had already become apparent that the need for external and internal restoration was taking on greater urgency. The floor was rotting away, the paint on the walls and ceiling was peeling off in many places and the heating system was becoming more and more unreliable. So the work began with a detailed survey of the needs of the building and this initial report revealed the extensive nature of the work that had to be done. From this report, we were able to plan five phases of restoration, which can be summarised as follows:

Phase 1
  • Replacement of two thirds of the roof to ensure that no water infiltrated the ceiling of the church building.

Phase 2
  • Repair and replacement of the existing storm and rainwater evacuation system, including repair and replacement to the gutters and downpipes.

Phase 3
  • A new heating system
  • Repair to the stone floor and replacement of the wooden floors in line with chosen heating system.
  • Repair of all woodwork and panelling.
  • Repair and installation of new internal lighting system and upgrade of electrical circuitry.
  • Provision of new sound system, projector and screen
  • Repair to the plasterwork and repainting of the complete interior of the Church.

Phase 4
  • Repairs and restoration of the boundary walls and gates.
  • Disabled access to the church building

Phase 5
  • Necessary landscaping of the church grounds and external lights.

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