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Sunday 1st July – Fifth Sunday after Trinity

Posted by: MORELLE on Saturday June 30, 2018

Worship at St. Peter's this Sunday

09:00 Holy Communion (BCP)
Reader: James H – Romans 1: 1-7

10:30 Morning Worship
Reader: Nick S – Romans 1: 1-7
Sides people: Sarah & Nick S

Youth and children’s ministry
The Sunday School and the Way will be taking a break for the summer. All groups will restart in September.

Dear friends, Cher(e)s ami(e)s,
Welcome to this week's edition of St Peter's Chantilly bulletin.

In france the antlers of the red deer stags are called ‘bois’ or ‘bois de cerf’ which I found confusing when I was first asked by a ‘chasseur’, while out walking the dog, if I had seen any wood…
On Sunday, in a field of wheat were 4 branches of wood! Two beautiful stags ruminating over breakfast, gleaming in the early morning light. One was an ‘imperial’ with 14 points (seven per antler) (A stag with 12 pointes is a royal, 14 is an imperial and a stag with 16 points is a monarch……hence ‘The monarch of the Glen)
What a beautiful day to celebrate St. Peter’s Day. Good conversation, friends old and new, great BBQers, delicious salads and puddings. Perfect. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way and thanks also for a little Aussie magic….
Au revoir et A bientôt…. to departing families

Worship at St. Peter’s in the coming weeks :

July 8th 10.30 Holy Communion (Common Worship)
July 15th 09.00 Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30 Common Worship
July 22nd 10.30 Holy Communion (Common Worship)
July 29th 09.00 Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30 Morning Worship

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations
On 25 May 2018, the new privacy legislation, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force.
St. Peter’s have an action plan to make our data compliant with the new laws and will be contacting members soon.

New key pads on Church Centre gate and door
As you will have noticed there are new code entrance pads. Key people will be given the codes to keep security a priority and there are going to be a few teething problems as we change over systems. To exit the CC and CC gate there are switches to open the door/gate from the inside.

Thursday Morning Prayers
All are welcome to come together and pray in the Church Centre starting at 9am every Thursday

Mothers and Others, G & T, and Mens breakfast
All groups will be taking a break during July and August. Restarting in September.

Central ‘Home Group’ during July
During July there will be a central group meeting each week for those who would like to continue to meet together to study Gods word and pray.
Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the Church Centre. Please confirm with the Chaplain before hand.

Furniture for sale
Sally E still has some items for sale. Sofa’s, office furniture, shelves etc. If you are interested then please contact Henny D who has a list of the last items.

Lost casserole dish
If anyone has seen a red casserole dish with lid that was left in the CC kitchen, or knows where it has been put, Please contact Tiffany so she can return it to its owner. Thank you.

Future Dates For The Diary

30th June – Concert Cor et Orgue A concert of French horn and organ music, led by Fabienne Jenevein, will be held at St. Peter’s, Chantilly starting at 8pm. A donation will be given to the Church.

8th September – Rentrée apéritif – details to follow.

12th September - Kermesse Apéritif at 19h for all those that would like to participate and or get involved.
To be held in the Church garden, weather permitting ,if not in the church centre. Drinks and nibbles, please bring a plate of finger food and or wine or soft drink. Contact Amanda G.

Give us today, O God,
a glad heart and a clear conscience,
that when we come to this day’s end
we may rest in peace with Christ our Lord.

Bon week-end à toutes et à tous.
Chaplain - Rev. Sarah Tillett
Church Wardens : Tris C & Henny D
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