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Let's finish the job!

Posted by: nickclarke on Monday September 09, 2013
Welcome to the St Peter's Restoration Project.

We are nearly there! We are about to start the final stage of the journey that began in the summer of 2007. The interior of the church was restored in March 2011 and now...we must finish the job.

We have been amazed at the support and goodwill we have received. Thank you for such a wondeful effort. But now...?
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This Autumn we start to finish the job. A new improved accessibility to St Peter's for wheelchair users and those with other disabilities will be built. I hope you can watch this unfold as we post pictures on this site.
Please watch the video clip below. Share it with friends, families and contacts.
Please donate to the Restoration fund. We need your help.
Pray for the work that all will be for God's glory and "let us finish the job".

Nick Clarke (Chaplain of St Peter's Church, Chantilly)


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