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About Us
About Us(6 Articles )
  • Introduction
    St. Peter's Church, Chantilly, is a primarily English-speaking Christian community made up of members of many different nationalities and denominations. It is part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe, which is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion of churches, which are usually known as either Anglican or Episcopalian churches.

    After many years of financial support from the Intercontinental Church Society (ICS), up until the 1980 ...     plus ...
  • Location
    Chantilly is located 45 km north of Paris on the D1016. The best access by road, however, is by the A1 motorway to Junction 7, the D1017 to La Chapelle en Serval and then D924a to Chantilly. We are about 25 minutes by road from Charles de Gaulle Airport and the church is about 20 minutes walk from the mainline station which has trains from Amiens, Compiègne and Paris (25-40 minutes from the Gare du Nord). Once in Chantilly, follow signs to Egli ...     plus ...
  • History
    There has been an Anglican Chaplaincy in Chantilly since the early days of the English-speaking community here, which first arrived in the 1830s and '40s at the invitation of the Duc d'Aumale to help establish horse-racing.

    The present church plot and the adjoining plot were bought from the Duc d'Aumale by Messrs. Antrobus and Marjoribanks on behalf of the Commonwealth and Continental Church Society (now ICS). The foundation stone of a Victo ...     plus ...
  • Building the Church Centre - 1992
    A wonderful memento produced by Keith Ross of the building of the Church Centre and the apartment above in 1992.

  • Local Churches
    We have very good connections with other local churches. There are Roman Catholic churches in nearly every village.

    There are congregations of the Eglise Réformée de France in Creil, Compiègne and Beauvais and Evangelical Churches in Chantilly, Lamorlaye, and Nogent sur Oise.

    We also have good links with the other English-speaking churches in the Paris region.
Local Church News
Local Church News(37 Articles )
Church news from the local area
Wider Church News
Wider Church News(1 Article )
News from the wider Church family
  • Ready for anything !
    9 – 16 July 2016 Provence Praise
    Spiritual renewal and refreshment in the summer.
La Branche des Quinze
  • La Branche des Quinze
    Les Anglais, les Courses
    "La Branche des Quinze"

    Par Michel Bouchet
    Sur une idée de Frédéric Nancel
    avec la participation de Nicole Garnier-Pelle, Sarah Gillois, Nick Clarke et Jean-Pierre Blay

    Introduction de Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Anne

    Témoignages de
    Eric Woerth, député-maire de Chantilly, ancien Ministre
    Prince Jean d'Orléans, duc de Vendôme, descendant du duc d'Aumale
    Alain Decaux, de l ...     plus ...
Worship(3 Articles )
Worship & Prayer at St.Peter's Church, Chantilly
  • Services at St.Peter's Church, Chantilly
    The St. Peter's family meets together to worship God, to learn from Him through the Bible, and to pray each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. throughout the year.

    The form of the 10:30 a.m. service and other services vary throughout the month according to the pattern below, although this may be subject to change during holidays and festival periods. See the Calendar for more details.
    First Sunday of the Month
    9:00 a.m. images/icons/ico ...     plus ...
  • Worship calendar
    Here is the list of Worship Dates to put on your diary
  • Prayer
    "God has graciously allowed me to catch a glimpse into his heart, and I want to share with you what I have seen. Today the heart of God is an open wound of love. ...And he is inviting you - and me - to come home, to come home to where we belong, to come home to that for which we were created. His arms are stretched out wide to receive us. His heart is enlarged to take us in." (Richard Foster in Prayer p1)

    Prayer is fundamental to what we do ...     plus ...
Adults(5 Articles )
Activities for adults
  • Men's Group
    The Men's Group meets occasionally on a Saturday morning for breakfast from 8:30 a.m. The group exists to help men to live as Christians in their daily lives, by supporting one another in prayer and by learning together.
  • G & T
    "Give & Take" is an English-speaking but multi-national support/contact group for the retired/retiring, with 10-25 participants meeting usually on the 2nd Thursday of each month, 2.30-4.30 p.m. Anyone of any confession or none is welcome, similarly anyone more junior than senior (as long as they are prepared to lie about their age!) Each month (apart from two lunches per year) we have a speaker or a general discussion on any topic of interest and ...     plus ...
  • Coffee Mornings
    St. Peter’s Coffee Mornings, on Wednesdays during term-time, are for the whole community but are particularly timed for mothers leaving their children at APARC English classes. By calling in at the Church Centre, they can enjoy coffee and chat while any younger children they may have can play in a safe environment.
  • Mothers and Others
    Mothers and Others is for mothers and others! Mothers, fathers, nannies, au-pairs and others can bring their pre-school children to the Church Centre on Thursday mornings between 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. It is a chance to meet other people over coffee, while the children play. These arrangements may be different during school holidays. Please check by phoning the church office on 03 44 58 53 22.
Prayer(7 Articles )
  • A Great Wave of Prayer
    In May 2016 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York called for 'a great wave of prayer' in the week leading up to Pentecost, under the banner ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. The vision was renewal and empowering of the Church and Christian witness, and that through prayer Jesus would be made known to thousands of people.
    "Without prayer, the Christian life and witness is barren.
    With prayer the life of Jesus overflows from us to others."
    So - why sto ...     plus ...
  • Collect for the 3rd Sunday after Trinity
    Almighty God, you have broken the tyranny of sin, and have sent the Spirit of your Son into our hearts whereby we call you Father:
  • Collect for the Third Sunday of Easter
    Almighty Father, who in your great mercy gladdened the disciples with the sight of the risen Lord:
  • Collect for today 5th February 2017
    Almighty God, by whose grace we are accepted and called to your service,
  • Pentecost
    Collect for the Day
    Holy Spirit, sent by the Father,
    ignite in us your holy fire;
    strengthen your children with the gift of faith,
    revive your Church with the breath of love,
    and renew the face of the earth,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Mothers and Others
Mothers and Others(1 Article )
Parent & Toddler Group
  • Playtime, coffee and conversation
    For many years St Peter's Church Centre has been home to a fun-filled morning for parents and their toddlers and babies. Each Thursday morning during school term time (and sometimes during the holidays) families arrive to enjoy friendship, English conversation and a space for their little ones to play. The activity is well equipped with toys, lightly-structured with singing and games and presented in a caring environment. For more details you can ...     plus ...
Young People
Young People(4 Articles )
  • The Way....here's what we get up to on a Sunday morning.
    The Way....voici ce que nous faisons les dimanche matins.
  • Mothers & Others
    Mothers and Others is for mothers and others! Mothers, fathers, nannies, au-pairs and others can bring their pre-school children to the Church Centre on Thursday mornings between 9h30 and 11h15. It is a chance to meet other people over coffee, while the children play. These arrangements may be different during school holidays. Please check by phoning the church office on 03 44 58 53 22.
  • Beavers, Cubs & Scouts
    The 1st Chantilly Scout Group, which is a part of the British Scouts, Western Europe, meets as Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, approximately twice a month in term time. Further information is available from Mr Tris Congreve at 03 44 60 08 62.
  • Rock Café
    Rock Café is a youth group for Collège age that meets on Saturday evenings for a fun time. Children from outside the St. Peter's community are very welcome to come and join in.
Other Activities
Other Activities(4 Articles )
  • Alpha Course
    Alpha Course

    Who is the Alpha Course for?

    Open to churchgoers and non-churchgoers, guests do Alpha for a wide variety of reasons - some want to investigate whether God exists; others are concerned about what happens after death. Some people have particular questions that they would like to discuss; others want to understand other peoples' beliefs or would like to explore what the purpose of life is. Many guests have never been to chur ...     plus ...
  • Marriage Course
    Marriage Course

    What is the course?

    A seven session course set in a fantastic atmosphere. You will be served with a candlelit meal and/or coffee, tea and dessert at a romantic table for two while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun, either given live or played on DVD.There is never any group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

    The talk ...     plus ...
    There are a number of vibrant home groups that are held on a regular basis, these are conveniently located throughout the geographical zone served by St Peter's and offer a chance to explore our Christian journey in small groups.
  • Lent Generosity Challenge

    40 days of giving back, doing good and living generously
St. Peter's Charitable Giving Association
The mission and charity giving association of St. Peter's Church
  • Ryle Francis-Alura
    St. Peter’s CGA – Ryle Francis-Alura (SEL supported child)
    It is now even easier to write to Ryle by email.
    Internet site :

    follow - Déjà parrain
    Ecrire à mon filleul
    Votre Référence : 549441
    Référence de votre filleul : PH8620208
    Name : St. Peter’s CGA
  • Love in a box success
    Our Love in a box donations were greatly boosted by 64 boxes from The Open World School, a donation that was very gratefully received.
  • Love in a Box
    The St Peter's CGA (Charitable Giving Association) will be supporting ‘LOVE IN A BOX’ again this year.
    see link: https://www.facebook.com/liab.france/
  • St. Peter's Sponsored child – Ryle Francis Alura
    will be 7 yrs old on March 6th and we would like to invite you to send a birthday card.
  • A huge thank you
    For the support given to the concert last Saturday.
Local links
Local links(1 Article )
  • ChantillyExpat.com
    All sorts of useful information about what's going on in and around Chantilly
Introduction(4 Articles )
  • Un Peu d'Histoire
    images/ducdaumale.jpg Reconnaissant à la nation anglaise de l’accueil chaleureux qu’il avait reçu durant ses longues années d’exil, le duc d’Aumale encouragea fortement une migration anglophone et offrit en 1860 à la communauté britannique résidant à Chantilly un terrain donnant sur la rue des Cascades, afin d’élever une église et établir un pasteur pour y célébrer le culte.

    Dans un style néo-gothique, typique ...     plus ...
  • Restaurer : Pourquoi ?
    La nécessité de garder notre église en bon état pour les générations à venir.

    Quiconque pénètre dans l’église aujourd’hui peut facilement voir dans la partie gauche de la nef l’importance des dégats ; murs fissurés, peinture qui s’écaille, plancher détérioré ou manquant, etc. La situation de l’église, au bord d’une pente, combinée à un mauvais drainage, a affaibli les murs et, par conséquent, certains ...     plus ...
  • De Nos Jours
    En 1973, l’Intercontinental Church Society patronna l’activité de l’église anglicane de Chantilly, mettant en place, à partir de 1983, quatre pasteurs qui se succédèrent pour s’occuper à temps plein de la paroisse. Plusieurs générations de familles d’origine britannique ont ainsi fait souche à Chantilly, comme en témoignent les émouvantes plaques commémoratives à l’intérieur de l’église.

    Un nouveau bâtiment ...     plus ...
  • Sunday 26th March 2017, 18h Concert J. M. Slonski & Thierry Boucly
    Compositions Jazzy Bossa
Témoignages - Honorary Patrons
  • Jean de France - Duc de Vendôme
    Prince d’Orléans, prince français, prince chrétien, je ne peux que m’associer au projet de restauration de l’église St. Peter’s. Le duc d’Aumale, mon arrière-­grand-­oncle, l’a voulue pour Chantilly. Elle manifestait les liens qui unissaient les Orléans à la société britannique. C’est le symbole sacré d’une communion de civilisation.
  • Éric Woerth - Ex Government Minister of the Budget / Mayor of Chantilly
    Chantilly est anglophile depuis plus de 150 ans ! Cette passion a imprimé sa marque partout ; voyez le jardin anglais, voyez le champ de courses, voyez aussi l’église anglicane St.Peter’s ! Une passion qui s’exprime aussi dans la présence d’une communauté anglophone nombreuse, enracinée, dynamique, qui fait la fierté de notre ville et avec laquelle j’éprouve beaucoup de plaisir à travailler.
  • Sir Peter Westmacott - Ambassador of Great Britain in France (2007-­2011)
    St. Peter’s Church in Chantilly belongs to the worldwide community of the Church of England. It has made a wonderful contribution to the English-­speaking community in the Chantilly area throughout many generations, from its origins in the 19th Century horse-­racing fraternity to the present day. It now serves a vibrant, varied community of many different nationalities. The church, built in 1863, has stood the test of time. But it now needs ...     plus ...
  • Alan Decaux - de l’Académie française. Président du Collège des conservateurs du Domaine de Chantilly (1998 à 2009)
    Depuis dix ans président, au nom de l’Institut de France, du Collège des Conservateurs du Domaine de Chantilly, je ne passe jamais devant l’église St. Peter’s sans émotion. Née de la volonté du duc d’Aumale à qui l’Institut doit la donation du Domaine, St. Peter’s ne peut que m’être chère. J’ai eu grand plaisir à rencontrer les pasteurs qui en assurent la bonne marche. Catholique, mais oecuméniste ardent, il m’est m ...     plus ...
  • Nick Clarke - Previous Chaplain of Saint Peter’s Church
    The story of St. Peter’s has its roots in the rich history of the life of the Duc d’Aumale and his affection for the English-­speaking community. Today, in the midst of such history,
    there remains a vibrant, multi-­national worshipping community who continue to make the building of St. Peter’s a very special place for worship, prayer, fellowship and community involvement. Our hope and prayer is that we pass on a good legacy for the next ...     plus ...
Next Phases
Next Phases(2 Articles )
  • Étape 4
    • Création d’une rampe handicapé en pavés 10 000 €
    • Isolation par double vitrage - 28 000 €
    • Ravalement du mur de clôture y compris les piliers du portail et la réfection de la grille 30 500 €

  • Étape 5
    • Réalisation d’un éclairage extérieur façades et allées - 10 000 €
    • Nouveaux terrassements et travaux paysagers 14 500 €
    • Ravalement extérieur de l’église incluant la réfection des pierres et des joints défectueux - 25 500 €

Latest News
Latest News(2 Articles )
  • Lancement d'une nouvelle vidéo de la campagne
    Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer une nouvelle vidéo produite par St. Peter's pour la promotion de notre campagne de restauration.

        plus ...
  • Let's finish the job!
    Welcome to the St Peter's Restoration Project.

    We are nearly there! We are about to start the final stage of the journey that began in the summer of 2007. The interior of the church was restored in March 2011 and now... we must finish the job.

    We have been amazed at the support and goodwill we have received. Thank you for such a wondeful effort. But now...?
    Breaking News
    This Autumn we start to finish the job. A new improved accessib ...     plus ...
Restoration Phases 1 to 3 Completed
  • The Restoration Project 2009-2011 - The story so far
    By March 2011 we were delighted to report the completion of the most significant phase of the restoration work of this 150-year-old church. In many ways this has been a remarkable venture into a project that challenged us with budgets far in excess of our usual income and expenditure. However, St. Peter’s community possesses a spirit to rise to all kinds of challenges. We have been delighted by the financial support of many friends; friends we ...     plus ...
Fundraising(7 Articles )
A snapshot of progress against our target
  • Celtic Concert Eir Ys - 9th October 17:00
    12 enthusiastic musicians from the Senlis area share their talents and passion at St Peter's Church this Sunday.
  • Concert Eir Ys
    Musique Celtique
  • Le cheval, la grande passion de Michel Bouchet
    Un livre pour St Peter’s Church
    C’est pour soutenir la restauration de l’église Saint Peter’s, construite à Chantilly il y a 150 ans, que Michel Bouchet publie « Chantilly, les Anglais, les courses ». Soustitré « La branche des Quinze », l’ouvrage, enrichi de nombreuses anecdotes, revient sur l’influence des grandes familles qui ont marqué la ville princière, et dont la présence remonte au XIXe siècle. « Le British way ...     plus ...
  • Saturday 14th May 2016 at 20h30: SACRED DUETS
    Sopranos Florène Laplanche and Auriane Sacoman will sing some of the most beautiful and most famous duets from the sacred repertoire.
    They will be accompanied on the cello by Katia Renard and at the organ by Vincent Rigot, the resident organist of Saint-Louis en l’Ile Church in Paris.
  • La Branche des Quinze - par Michel BOUCHET
    Imaginez en 2015, en France, une ville dont plus de 25% de la population serait anglaise avec ses commerces, ses restaurants, ses écoles, ses infirmières et bien sûr sans oublier son église et son cimetière... Oh, my goodness!

    Alors que le sujet de la migration bat son plein sur notre territoire et dans toute l’Europe, cette fiction de "migration anglaise" a pourtant bien été une réalité en France et plus particulièrement dans notr ...     plus ...
Thank you for your Donation
  • Merci!
    Merci beaucoup pour votre donation. Soyez assurés que tous les fonds donnés seront utilisés directement dans la restauration de l'église St. Peter's, au profit non seulement de nous, mais pour les générations à venir.

    N'hesitez pas de revenir et de visiter ce site pour suivi nos progrès.

    Nick Clarke
    Chaplain de l'église Saint-Pierre, Chantilly
Your Donation
Your Donation(1 Article )
  • Désolé
    Je suis désolé que vous n'étiez pas en mesure de terminer votre don à nous cette fois. S'il ya quelque chose que nous pouvons faire pour aider, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par e-mail ( donate@stpeters.fr [/ email]) ou par téléphone (+33 (0) 3 44 58 53 22), ou en nous rendant visite dans le bureau de l'église à l'église Saint-Pierre - 7 A, avenue Bouteiller - F-60500 CHANTILLY.

    Soyez assurés que tous les fonds donnés seront uti ...     plus ...